4 Telltale Signs Of A Broken Sewer Line

Although your main sewer line is below ground, you should never ignore any signs of trouble. Early signs of damage allow you to catch serious issues that might cost a fortune to repair if left unaddressed. A damaged sewer line can destroy your property, cause wastewater back up and expose your household to unexpected health issues.

Some plumbing issues, especially those that develop underground, are not easily detectable. With this guide, you can understand the subtle signs of a broken sewer line and handle this problem.

1.      Sewer Gas Odor

Typically, drains should not smell. So, if you notice an odor from your drains, that's a sure sign of a damaged sewer line.

A sewer system should be airtight, and odors mean that the sewer pipe has a crack. You should call a certified plumber right away to inspect your system and establish the root cause of the smell.

2.      Slow Drains

If one fixture in your house has a slow drain, the cause might be a clog that you can quickly eliminate with a drain snake or a plunger. However, if multiple fixtures have slow drains even after you clean them, you might have a sewer problem. The problem may be tree roots trying to force their way into the sewer pipes through tiny holes and cracks. 

You should never use chemical drain cleaners to unclog the drains as the chemicals can corrode the pipes. Chemical cleaners also kill the bacteria in the septic tank that breaks down waste. A plumber can unclog your drain without damaging your septic tank or drainage pipes. So be sure to choose one with experience.

3.      Mold Growth

Mold growth is quite common in areas with excessive moisture content. A sewer line break behind a wall can release moisture and create suitable conditions for mold growth. Remember to observe the floors and the ceiling closely if a sewer line is close by. Oftentimes, these areas may appear discolored, although the shades may differ.  

If you notice the rapid growth of mold or several areas with a bad smell, take action immediately. Mold and mildew can be detrimental to your health, so fix the sewer issue quickly before you have to face the consequences.

4.      Lush Lawn

A lush lawn adds to your overall curb appeal. However, an underground sewage leak might be the cause of an unusually green and lush lawn. A leaky main line's wastewater provides the soil with nutrients that allow the grass to turn greener.

A broken sewer line can also result in a nasty mess, so act quickly when you notice the above signs. Also, don't try to handle the sewer line issues on your own. To learn more information about a broken sewer line, reach out to a company such as Jet Plumbing.