A Home Addition Could Be The Solution For Your Growing Family

If you wish your home had another bedroom, and you don't want to give up garage space for a conversion, then a home addition could be the solution. Adding a bedroom could be an affordable way to create more space in your home. However, adding a kitchen could be a more expensive undertaking, so it's important to talk to a home addition contractor early on so you can make realistic plans. Here are some other things to know about home additions.

You'll Need Approval From Your City

You and your contractor will work closely with the city when you undertake a new addition to your home. There will be regulations for where you can place the addition and how high it can be. There could be several city rules and codes you need to follow, and your contractor should be able to guide you through those as well.

You Need A Design And Blueprints

Building a simple room addition without plumbing and with minimal electrical connections may seem simple, but you still need a contractor to draw up the design and make blueprints to submit to the city. There are several things to consider, such as window placement, roofing, siding, insulation, electricity installation, and heating that have to be planned out so you don't have any surprise expenses in the middle of the project.

The Process May Be Slower Than You Like

An addition might take longer than a conversion or renovation. After all, you're starting from the bare ground, so a foundation has to be poured too. Also, working with the city takes up valuable time, especially if your city is backed up with other projects.

If you have a goal in mind of having the new bedroom finished by the time you need it, be sure to start the process early and let the contractor know your goals. You'll probably stay in your house while the work is underway, so be prepared for months of disruption, dust, and noise.

You Might Save Money If You Do The Work At Once

A home addition can be expensive. However, if possible, have all the work done at once. If your budget is tight, talk to the contractor about the cost of having a bedroom and bathroom put in at the same time compared to the cost of installing a bathroom later on. Think about your long-term plans and how your family is growing. If you think you'll need to expand more in the future, it might be best to prepare for it now so you won't have to go through the full home addition process once again.

Having an addition put on your home might seem stressful and complicated, but once the work is done, you'll think it was worth it when you have the extra space your family needs. For more information, contact a home addition contractor.