Repairing Common Damages Your Steel Building May Suffer

Steel buildings are often used for commercial structures due to their low cost and build times. Despite steel being an especially strong and durable material, it can still suffer damage that will need to be repaired. Being aware of the types of damages that steel buildings are likely to encounter can help managers to ensure their building is being properly maintained.

Leaks Along Seams In The Steel Panels

Leaks along the seams in the steel panels can be among the most common types of damage that one of these buildings can experience. Often, this will be caused by the area along these seams warping enough to create small gaps and openings. Additionally, there may be weatherstripping placed along these seams to reduce water intrusion and air drafts. Repairing this damage will involve more than simply bending the metal back into place. In many instances, welding will be needed to close these gaps permanently.


The exterior of a steel building will be treated so that it is far less vulnerable to developing rust. However, this coating can fail as the building ages, which can result in a layer of corrosion forming on the exterior of your building. This is an issue that will require immediate repairs if you are to limit the spread of this problem. Otherwise, it could quickly cover large sections of the exterior. In addition to ruining the appearance of your steel building, this corrosion can also cause structural weakness. Repairing the corrosion can be fairly simple if it is done before it can worsen. In most cases, a steel building repair contractor will be able to effectively remove the outer layer of corrosion so that a new protective coating can be applied. Unfortunately, waiting too long for this repair can limit you to only being able to replace the corroded panel or other components.

Storm Damage

Strong storms can be another common cause of serious structural damage. With steel buildings, this will often be in the form of the exterior panels suffering warping or indentions from flying debris. Unfortunately, the most effective solution for this type of damage will be completely replacing the impacted panels. Luckily, the design and method of construction used in these buildings mean that replacing these impacted components will be relatively quick. In many instances, a steel building repair contractor may be able to complete this work in a matter of hours if the damage is limited to one or two panels.

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