3 Tips To Restore The Beauty Of Your Concrete Walkway

Sidewalks and walkways can play a vital role in the function and design of your home's landscape. Many of these walkways are made from concrete because concrete is a durable and attractive material.

Over time, you may notice that your concrete begins to show signs of age. Cracks or crumbing patches in your concrete sidewalk can detract from the beauty of your home's exterior. Restore your concrete sidewalks with proper resurfacing techniques.

1. Make sure the concrete is clean.

One of the most important steps to complete during the resurfacing process is the cleaning of your concrete. Any dirt or debris left on the surface of your concrete can compromise the seal between the resurfacing agent and your existing concrete.

Sweep your walkway with a broom to remove any loose particles, then use a pressure washer to help eliminate stains and caked on dirt from your sidewalk before you start resurfacing the walkway.

2. Take the time to patch significant damage.

You may be tempted to begin resurfacing the entire length of your walkway right away. If you don't take the time to patch areas that show significant damage before resurfacing, you will end up with an uneven surface. Mix up some of the resurfacing agent that you will be using.

Clean out any dirt or debris from the crack or hole you will be repairing. Fill the damaged area with the resurfacing agent, then use a trowel to smooth the surface of your patch. These patches can help you reinforce the strength of your concrete walkway and ensure that your resurfaced sidewalk looks as beautiful as possible.

3. Protect walkway joints.

Most walkways feature joints. These joints are the small spaces between concrete slabs. Having joints creates a unique aesthetic that you will want to preserve. Before you apply a layer of resurfacing agent to your concrete walkway, firmly press some weatherstripping into each joint.

The weatherstripping will prevent the resurfacing agent from filtering into the joints and causing them to disappear completely. Once the resurfacing agent has cured, you can simply remove the weatherstripping and toss it in the trash.

Breathing new life into your concrete walkway doesn't have to be difficult. Concrete resurfacing is a simple and effective way to restore the beauty of your sidewalk. Take the time to clean your concrete, patch any significant damage, and protect the joints between slabs to return your walkway to like-new condition.