Copper Roofing: An Unusual Option That Offers More Benefits Than You Might Expect

These days, metal roofing is becoming quite common, with homes in many climates sporting aluminum and steel roofs. However, there is one metal that may still not be getting the attention it deserves: copper. Roofs made from copper have a very distinct look. They start off a shiny, new-penny color, and develop a gorgeous green patina over time. Aside from looks, however, copper roofs offer a number of other benefits.

Copper lasts a long time.

All metal roofs have a long lifespan compared to asphalt shingles or cedar shakes. However, copper roofs last even longer than steel or aluminum roofs. Tests conducted on 18th century copper roofs in Europe have shown they can last for a thousand years, thanks to the protective patina that develops as the copper ages. Chances are, the rest of your home won't last 1,000 years -- so when you have a copper roof put on, it will be the last roof your home ever needs.

Copper is quiet.

One worry among homeowners who choose copper roofs is that when it rains or hails, the sound of the precipitation on the roof will be deafening. However, today's copper roofs are typically made with a special sheathing material beneath the metal. This layer absorbs noise, so the metal roof is not any louder than an asphalt roof.

Copper reflects heat and light.

Like other metals, copper roofing reflects sunlight in the summer, lowering your air conditioning bills. Not only is this good for your wallet, but it is also good for the environment. Copper's heat reflecting ability will also keep your attic cooler, which should help protect against mold and mildew. (They grow best in warm environments).

Copper offers superior protection from the elements.

Hail and scorching sunlight can crack cedar shakes or roofing tiles. A heavy wind can pick up lightweight aluminum roofing panels. Melting and re-freezing show can peel shingles away from the roof. Copper, on the other hand, can stand up to all of these weather elements without an issue. It is heavy enough to avoid being peeled odd by winds, snow will slide off of it before ice dams get the chance to form, and no amount of rain or hail will crack it. Regardless of what environment you live in, copper roofing will protect your home and the things inside of it.

To learn more about copper roofing, talk to a metal roofing contractor (like Norsteel Building Systems Ltd metal roofing) in your area. If you like the look of this unique roofing material, it is sure to satisfy your needs.