Designing A Wet Bar For Your Home

Liquor bottles stored in a closet, glasses in a cabinet, sink in the kitchen—none of that sounds very festive. A wet bar provides a hub for your entertainment. With a wet bar, all the essentials of making beverages are collected in one convenient center. A well-designed beverage station also adds to the beauty of your home. Design a wet bar that complements both your lifestyle and home's decor.

Beverage Selection

There's no reason that a wet bar has to be reserved for alcoholic beverages alone. A coffee station serves as a similar set up. So, too, does a smoothie station. Start by thinking which beverages you enjoy but that take time and space to prepare. For example, juice from a carton is easy to serve, but freshly squeezed juice needs its own space.  Make a list of which beverages and their attendant tools you want located at your wet bar.

Wine Storage

While dispensing wine from a bottle isn't any more complicated than pouring juice from a carton, the actual opening of the bottle does require space and tools. Likewise, the storage of the wine itself requires special accommodations. An external wine rack is great as a display. However, it might be more appropriate to store wines in a specialized wine refrigerator.


Regardless of your decision concerning a wine refrigerator, a mini-fridge is another consideration for your wet bar. This is especially true if you're locating it far from the kitchen. Ice, olives, cherries, milk—all of these are necessities to making beverages, and they require refrigeration. A mini-fridge tucked under a counter offers more than enough space for these ingredients, though.


Another addition for your wet bar is the sink. Whether or not you need a sink depends on the type of beverages you're making. For instance, a wine station at which you occasionally mix a martini can probably get by without a nearby sink. However, if you need water, for making beverages like coffee, having a sink at hand is convenient.


Whether you add a sink or not, your wet bar definitely needs a workable countertop.  As Better Homes and Gardens points out, granite is an ideal material for work stations. It's durable and requires almost no maintenance. Likewise, granite comes in a variety of colors and patterns, making it easy to match with your décor. A granite countertop (from companies like Granite Plus Inc) also adds a level of chic to your wet bar.

When designing your wet bar, consider the surroundings. Choose colors that match the room that's hosting your beverage center.