2 Ways To Add Pops Of Color To A Glass Shower Enclosure

Shower glass doors offer a versatile, stylish way to make your bathroom look larger and to show off any tile work you have inside the shower. While many love the clear glass, others might wish there was a bit more visual interest to the glass itself. There are a couple of ways you can have shower glass doors with a pop of color that doesn't detract from the natural beauty. Discuss your options with your shower contractor during your next consultation.

Tinted Door

A tinted shower door allows you to have a pop of color while maintaining the space-widening clear glass on the sides. Tinted doors are available in a variety of colors including gray, bronze, and rose. Neutral tones will keep your shower versatile in case of future decor changes while darker colors will add privacy if there are multiple people in the bathroom at one time.

If you already have a glass shower door enclosure, a tinted door is a great way to add color without completely remodeling your unit. Visit your shower dealer and ask to see color samples to explore your options.

Want to test out the look of a colored door before making the investment in new glass? Look locally or online for tinted window films large enough to cover the front of your shower door. The right size will likely be those designed to cover glass exterior doors. The films are applied similarly to a sticker, but you should move slowly to make sure all of the air bubbles are out. You can easily remove the sticker later if you want to return to clear glass.

Multicolor Glass Splash Wall

A splash wall is a short glass wall that forms one side of a shower situated within an unusually shaped nook in the bathroom. The wall is typically clear to match the rest of the shower but doesn't go floor to ceiling. Rather, the wall either sits on a short wall, the edge of a bathtub, or simply on the floor but only rising part of the way up. The wall is still able to keep water from spraying out into your bathroom but accommodate a wider range of design needs. 

If you are planning a new glass shower design with a splash wall, here is a chance to add a pop of color. Splash walls can be a solid piece of clear glass or can be created to resemble a series of stacked frosted glass blocks. You can ask your glass provider to tint some of the blocks to match your decor. Again, natural or earth toned colors are the most versatile. But you can also go with bright reds, yellows, and blues if you are sure you will love the color scheme for years to come.

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