Four Times When You Really Need A Sewer Contractor

No matter where you live, big sewer problems often require professional expertise—read on to find out what kinds of dire situations sewer companies deal with in serving customers.

Tree Root Damage

Over time, tree roots can creep in and infiltrate a sewer system by breaking into a pipe or line. Small roots may grow large enough to completely clog a line, which can lead to really bad backups. Homeowners may not know about this until the system backs up completely. These types of problems can lead to standing sewage inside the property, or other severe problems that require professional help.

In some cases, preventative solutions can work. Homeowners and others can use certain types of chemicals that will prevent or minimize root damage. But the key is in understanding your sewer system enough to make sure it's not getting compromised by the encroachment of nearby trees or landscaping.

Broken Lines

A broken sewer line is a serious problem. Even a small chip or crack can allow sewage to seep out into areas of a property. Those who have been through this experience know that it's best to call in the professionals right away—dealing with these things yourself can get pretty ugly. Professionals will know how to seal off systems and deal with contamination in the most efficient ways, to keep the problem from becoming much worse.

Tank Problems

Another serious problem is when on-lot sewer systems or tanks overflow. Sewage professionals are trained to deal with these types of problems. They also know how to do preventive work such as tank probing and regular cleaning. They also know how to apply a septic tank additive that change the microbial environment of the sewer tank, and how to advise customers on what to flush down into a sewer system and what might be problematic, such as things like coffee grounds and grease that can start to compromise a system over time.

Ground Pressure

Other serious problems happen when people drive large vehicles or put heavy pieces of equipment on top of a sewer line or system. These systems are not built to handle the weight of the vehicle, and it's important for those who know the property to know what places to avoid to keep from collapsing or compromising sewer systems.

These are some of the times when having a professional (such as Canessco) on-site would be the safest and most efficient way to handle a major sewer system problem.