Tips For Cutting Back On Your Air Conditioning Costs

The days are getting warmer and hot summer weather is right around the corner. In a few weeks, those warm, sunny days will become very difficult to tolerate. As the heat from the sun becomes stronger, many people begin using their air conditioning units nonstop. Unfortunately, this leads to a substantial hike in the power used in your home and very expensive electricity bills.

However, there are some easy, inexpensive ways to make your home easier to cool while also cutting back on your utility bills. Here are some helpful tips to help you cool your home more affordably.

Adjust Your Thermostat 

When you are home, set the thermostat at a comfortable temperature of 70-75 degrees. The air should flow through each room evenly and keep your home cool. However, if your home is empty for extended periods of time every day, there is no reason to keep the temperature at lower settings.

You can set the thermostat at around 80 degrees when no one is home so the air conditioning unit does not kick on as often. Once you get home, turn the temperature back down to a more comfortable setting. If you have no pets that are left inside home alone, you may even want to turn the air conditioning off completely until you return.

Use Fans For Circulation 

Ceiling fans and box fans use less electricity than a large air conditioning unit. Therefore, you can use these to better circulate cool air throughout your home. Keeping the air conditioning set at 80 degrees while using fans throughout your home may make it feel more like a temperature of 70-75 degrees.

Block Out the Sun  

If you have windows that the bright sunshine comes through, this will make your home more difficult to keep cool. However, you can block the sun out so less heat gets in.  Putting dark colored mesh screens in your windows helps reduce the amount of sun that comes in. 

You can also cover your windows with transparent window film that will block out the suns rays. This film is metalized on the outside so that the sun reflects off it instead of flowing through your windows. You can also block out the sun by planting tall plants and trees outside near your windows.

Cut Down on Cooking 

Cooking on the stove-top or in the oven produces a lot of heat inside your home. If you're using the stove during the summer, you may be easier tempted to use your air conditioning to remain comfortable during meal preparation. 

When the weather is hot, it is the perfect time to make a change in the types of meals you serve. Fix quick dishes in the microwave, enjoy cold salads or have a few sandwich nights for supper to avoid turning on the stove. This is also a great time to grill out so that all the heat from cooking is on the outside of your home.

Have your air conditioning unit inspected at least once a year. Also change the filters so that it does not have to use extra power to stay running properly. To learn more, contact a company like Climec Residential Inc. with any questions you have.