What You Need To Know About Sump Pumps To Protect Your Basement From Flooding

Having a basement is a luxury for many people. Before the contractors put in the basement, they have to make sure that there is not too much groundwater and that the foundation is sturdy enough for a basement. However, even if your lot has been zoned for a basement and everything checks out, you can still have flooding problems. This could be from ground water or even a flood from the house. The key is taking precautions to protect your home. Here is what you need to know about protecting your basement with a sump pump.

What Is A Sump Pump?

A sump pump is a pump that has a filter at the bottom of the pump. Whenever there is water around the pump, it will pump out the water through a hose and send it outside or to a safe location. A sump pump is very safe, and even though it works with electricity, the electrical outlets are on the top of the pump so that you don't have to worry about electrocution. There are a couple different types of sump pumps'; some are manual, and some are automatic.

Who Benefits From A Manual Sump Pump?

A manual sump pump is a great option for people who want to save money and who don't have a problem with a lot of flooding. With a manual sump pump you have to turn it on and place it in the area that has flooded. The advantage about this pump is that they are usually pretty small and affordable. The disadvantage is that you have to notice the flood and put the pump in the water in order to get it work. This means that you need to be walking around your house frequently to check for flooding. In addition, if you are out of town, you are not protected. You will also need to turn the pump on and off. This might be a problem for some people.

Who Benefits From An Automatic Sump Pump?

An automatic sump pump is one of the best ways to protect your home. The automatic pump will turn on and off whenever it notices any water. This means that even while you are out of town you are protected. In addition, these pumps can detect the amount of water and will turn off on their own so you don't have a problem with wasting electricity. The major down side of the automatic sump pump is the cost. But if you have lots of ground water of flooding, it may be worth the cost.

By understanding sump pumps, you can choose the best one for you. For more information, speak with experts like Gord's Basement Waterproofing Ltd.