Making The Piston Compression Machinery In Your Factory Safe And Efficient

In today's society, a lot of products that we use for everyday life are produced in plants, thanks to machines that use pressurized gas. Piston compressors, also known as reciprocating compressors, are among the most important core components in these machine plants. If you are going to operate a factory that is safe, efficient and productive, you will need to internalize some of the best techniques to safeguard and maintain the operation of these machines. This guide will assist you with that. If you want to get the most out of your piston compressors and the use of them, follow this guide and apply these tips. 

#1: Ensure That The Entire Plant is Operating With Proper Safety Protocol

There are a variety of safety tips that you and your employees need to keep in mind. In addition to keeping safety rules posted on the walls as reminders, workers should:

  • Wear hard hats and goggles at all times
  • Work in groups, to prevent injury and improper machine use
  • Always make sure that isolation valves are closed
  • Wear hard-soled safety shoes to prevent injuries to the feet and toes
  • Immediately report injuries to higher-ups, no matter how minor or seemingly insignificant 

#2: Make Sure All Workers Understand The Mechanics Of The Machines

Rather than employing people to simply turn valves and knobs, you should impart a scientific understanding of each machine. Making sure that employees are aware of the inner workings of each machine will make their work more efficient, careful and skilled, so that they know not only what they're doing, but what they're doing it. 

For instance, employees should understand whether they're working with hydrogen or oxygen gases, or with intermittent or continuous flow compressors. The should also know to how to measure compression ratios and should operate with knowledge of each piston and part that is in use.

#3: Get Your Factory Routinely Inspected By A Professional

Rather than allowing yourself to be caught off guard by a surprise safety inspection, you should make sure that you take it upon yourself to bring in inspections. By having your equipment and workplace inspected, you'll be able to catch safety problems and avoid equipment malfunction, which can be costly and dangerous and could set back your production schedule. Make sure that the contractors who inspect your operation are certified and trustworthy. 

Follow these tips and things will run efficiently in your factory for the foreseeable future. For more information about the correct uses of piston compressors, check out companies like Mac-Air Compressor Ltd.