Cultivating The Perfect Lawn For Your Property

If your lawn is shabby, or worse, non-existent, you may want to start planning on implementing a lawn this year. There are many uses for a lawn, beyond the appearance. Making the right choices for the intended purposes of the green-space, while taking into account the climate and future maintenance, may point to the best types of lawn to strive for:

The uses

Lawns provide a range of purposes at the home, from purely aesthetic to more functional. Lawns also provide a comfortable exterior space for recreation, including sports, games, and entertaining. Turf and lawn cover can also provide an easy solution to cover up building sites or exteriors quickly.

The turf

The climate of your home will point toward the best turf to buy for your lawn. Some turf, such as Kentucky Bluegrass can stand up to the cold, but requires regular watering. Bermudagrass grows quickly in warm areas, requiring little watering to thrive quickly.

The size

The intended purposes for the lawn really dictate the size. For instance, if one of the major uses for your lawn is recreation, you will want a larger lawn; if you only plan to set up a table and chairs for two, a 10'x10' space is sufficient. Large lawns are nice, but keep in mind the maintenance required to keep them lush, green, and looking good.

The shape

The intended purposes of the lawn should be taken into account when planning what shape it will be. If you will be using it for child-play and sports, you will need a larger, more-open shape to accommodate these activities. The natural surroundings of the property will also impact the viable shapes for your lawn.

Some possible shapes and benefits include:

  • Circular lawns are elegant and captivating, creating the perfect space to entertain others.
  • Rectangular lawns are great for sports and activities, and are easy to maintain and mow in a variety of cool patterns.
  • Open lawns are informal and flowing, which makes them ideal for recreation and entertaining.
  • Free-flowing lawns have a lot of nooks and crannies that make them ideal to plant pockets of flowers and highlight garden features.

Think of your home's lawn as far more than a patch of grass that you have to mow every week or two. Your lawn may be the first thing that others see when they come to your home, therefore having a significant impact on the curb appeal of the property.

Take some time and effort to plan the most practical and useful lawn for your home, while making choices that bring visual appeal. Still have questions? Concerns? Try contacting a company like AAROC Aggregates Soil for more explanation and help.