How To Find A General Contractor For Your Insurance Claim

If you must file a claim with your homeowners insurance company, you want to be sure that you hire the right contractor to make the repairs that your home needs. Unfortunately, this can be difficult because you want someone who will not charge more than what is going to be covered from your insurance, but you also want to be sure that you have someone who is honest and gets repairs done as quickly as possible. Here's how to find building contractors for your homeowners insurance claim:

  • Contact Your Insurance Adjustor: When you first file the claim, be sure that your insurance company sends out an insurance adjustor. An insurance adjustor will make their way out to your home, evaluate the cost of the damages that have been done, and ensure that you are getting a legitimate cost estimate of the damages. You can use this estimate to negotiate with contractors that you talk to. The contractor is going to want your business, so they are going to offer an estimate that is close to that number and potentially even lower than that number. 
  • Check for Licensing and Liability: On top of finding a contractor with reliable references for their work, you are also going to want to be sure that the contractor has a license and liability insurance, as well. It is important that your contractor shows you proof of these documents. By having a contractor with liability insurance, you can then be sure that you are not responsible for any accidents that were to occur. 
  • Read Over Contracts: Before signing any contracts with the general contractor, be sure that you ask to have three days to have the contract terminated and ask for a contract to stay with you overnight. This is going to give you time to read over any contract and ask for adjustments to be made if you feel that there is any confusion on it. This can also help to ensure that there are no hidden costs in the end that you weren't expecting since everything should be written in the contract. 
  • Don't Pay in Full or With Cash: When your contractor asks for payment, be sure that you do not pay in full or with cash. If a contractor is asking for the full payment upfront, then be wary. This is because you want to be sure that you are not paying for work that may not get completed. Also, don't pay with cash since paying with check with leave yourself with proof of payment. 

By following these tips in finding a general contractor for your insurance claim on your homeowners insurance, you can be sure that the repairs to your home get done right and at a reasonable price.