4 Reasons Why Your Septic Tank Might Be Freezing

Your septic tank, when maintained regularly, should run well throughout the year. However, there is a greater risk in the winter months because the cold temperatures and frost have the potential to freeze the tank and what is inside. Here are some of the things that can lead to freezing of a septic tank so that you can reduce your risk.

Snow-Related Causes

There are a couple different ways snow or lack of it can affect how easily your septic tank freezes in the winter. The first way is by having compacted snow. If you have a lot of vehicle or foot traffic over the snow around or on top of the septic tank, it can become compacted. While light snow is good for reducing freezing as it prevents frost build-up, the same cannot be said for compacted snow. The other way is if you don't have enough snow cover. You do want a small amount of snow over the septic tank and septic system because it keeps the heat inside the tank and prevents excessive frost.

Compacted Soil

Not only can compacted snow lead to frost in the septic tank, but so can compacted soil. This is why it is important that you not park any vehicles or farming equipment near or on top of where your septic tank is. When extra weight is put on the soil, it starts to get compacted. The compacted soil could allow the frost to get deeper into the septic system and freeze it more easily.

Lack of System Use

It is common for families to go on vacation during the winter to a warm climate, or stay in a vacation cabin, but this also puts your septic system at risk. If you are not using your plumbing for days or weeks at a time, it could increase your risk for freezing. This is because it is not being used, with no water or sewage going through the system. This can cause it to freeze rather rapidly. Have someone housesit for you if you plan to take a vacation to prevent this from happening.

Fixture Issues

Do you have a toilet that seems to be running oddly or a plumbing fixture that is dripping or leaking? These plumbing issues can lead to a freezing of your septic tank. Leak tend to send almost continuous drips of liquid into the system. Because it is such a small amount of water, it doesn't make it to the tank, but creates a thin film of water in the pipes. This can cause your pipes themselves to freeze, which then affects the entire septic system. Be sure to contact professionals, such as those from Aaron & Son, for further assistance.