3 Unique Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

If you have an outdated bathroom, remodeling it can give you a modern bathroom that adds value to your home. There are many ideas you can use for the remodeling of your bathroom, but if you want to have a bathroom that is different, you may want to think outside of the box with things like lighting, window treatments and fixtures. Here are four ideas that will help make your bathroom unique and personal:

1. Recessed And Colored Lighting

Lighting in your bathroom is something that you can do a lot with to give your home a different look. You can even use colored lights with controls, which will allow you to set the mood when you want to take a relaxing bath. This can work really well with recessed lighting around a bathtub. You can even install it behind glass tile to make the tile in your bathroom appear to be glowing in different colors. You can use LED tape lighting for this, which can give you normal lighting, or lighting with colors when you want it.

2. Incorporating Water Features Into Plumbing Fixtures

Plumbing fixtures can also be a great way to get a unique look in your bathroom. You may want to consider custom made faucets that look more like waterfalls than plumbing fixtures. The fixtures can also be built into the tile work around a bathtub or shower, which can give you the element of water when you are relaxing. If you have enough space in your bathroom, you may also want to consider adding a recessed water fountain in one area of your bathroom to continue the theme with water features.

3. Heated Tiles And Towel Racks For Comfort

You may also want to have heated tile and towel racks in your bathroom. The towel racks are an easy feature to have installed in your bathroom. For heated tile, you will need to have the element installed in the tile and wired for electricity. This is something that a general contractor can help you with when you are remodeling your bathroom. They can also help you decide what the best tile heating system will be for your bathroom.

Doing these things to your bathroom remodeling project can help make your home a little more unique. If you need help with the design and completion of your bathroom renovations, contact a professional contractor like Castle Rock Enterprises to get the job done right.