Window Damage From A Hailstorm: How It Can Affect A Home Energy Bill & The Cost For Repairs

Did a hailstorm leave your home windows broken or with a lot of cracks? You may want to invest in getting the glass repaired fast so you won't waste energy when running the heating and cooling system. Find out how damaged windows can have an effect on energy costs and what you might have to pay for repairs to be done.

How Can Damaged Windows from a Hailstorm Affect a Home Energy Bill?

Hail can be detrimental to glass window panes, no matter what size the ice is. You can end up with small cracks or shattered glass from hail damage. You must make sure to repair even small cracks if you don't want hot/cold cool air seeping in and out of the windows. Windows can account for an average of 10-25% of your heating bill; this number can climb higher if the glass is damaged.

Make sure repairs to the glass panes are done by a professional to make sure they are done at an energy-efficient level. A window specialist will let you know if the glass must be replaced or if a repair is the only thing necessary. Repairs can usually be made if the hail only left small cracks that did not penetrate the glass completely.

The specialist may also have to replace the window frames if the hail caused a lot of damage to the wood. Window frames must be in top shape because they play a major role in how well the glass panes will insulate your home. There must be a quality sealant placed where the panes and frames connect.

How Much Does a Glass Specialist Charge for Home Window Repairs?

There are many things that will determine the cost of home window repairs, including how many are damaged and the size of the panes. The charges you will have to pay the glass specialist for his or her labor will be factored into the total as well. Replacing damaged window panes can run up to $500 when you are having the repairs done by a professional.

Don't settle for patching up damaged windows with plastic after going through a hailstorm. Keep your energy costs at an acceptable rate by making sure hot/cold air does not seep through the windows. Hire a window specialist to repair the glass panes so your heating and cooling system can keep the temperature in your home at a comfortable level.