Dealing With A Clogged Sewer Line: Know Your Options

Plumbing problems often strike when you least expect it and, of course, when they are the least convenient. However, when it comes to a clog in your main sewer line, no time is particularly convenient. After all, a basement filled with dirty water and sewage is never fun. When sewer line disaster does strike, you need to know what options are available to you to deal with the problem. This way, when you talk to your plumber, you will already have an idea of what you need in mind. So learn your options so you will be prepared for any future sewer line issues.

Drainage and Clog Removal

First and foremost, if your sewer line has flooded as a result of a clog, you will need to have a plumber come in and drain all of the water and sewage out of your home. This way your basement is clear of debris and your plumber can gain access to the sewer drain in the floor that leads to your sewer line.

If you want to just solve the immediate problem in front of you, all you will need to do next is have your plumber inspect your sewer line. If a clog is discovered through the inspection process, they will remove it, perform a thorough sewer cleaning, and be done with their work.

However, if you tend to experience chronic sewer drain clogs, additional steps may be advisable.

Tree Root and Sewer Line Damage Inspection

Sometimes the underlying cause of your sewer line clog is not the clog itself but other factors. In other words, your sewer line can be damaged in some way that causes it to clog more often.

If you have trees that grow along the path of your sewer line, tree root systems may be the underlying culprit. They can actually penetrate your main sewer line or otherwise damage it impeding the proper flow of waste water from your home.

A thorough inspection of your sewer line from you home all the way to the main sewer would determine whether this is the case. You will need to ensure that your plumber has a scope tool to provide a video feed of the condition of your sewer line to determine the extent of any damage.

The next step, of course, would be to remove the offending tree root systems and repair the damage to your sewer line.

Permanent Solutions

While removing some tree roots and repairing the damage to your sewer line are potential solutions the immediate problem at hand, you may prefer a permanent solution. If the damage is extensive or the tree roots are relentless you do have other options.

First you will want to contact a tree removal service to rid you of the tree causing these chronic problems. If this is not an option, you may need to reroute your sewer line. And of course, when your sewer line is significantly damaged, you may need to replace it entirely.

Sewer line replacement will permanently solve the clogging problems you are having. This means fewer calls to your plumber and fewer bills in the future.

As you can see, a clogged sewer line is never a simple situation. You should know your options for sewer line plumbing repairs to understand what you need. You may opt to solve only the momentary issue or may be in the market for a permanent solution. As long as you know your options, you and your plumber can make the right choices for your home.