The Pros And Cons Of Custom Modular Home Building

Custom modular home builders can put a lot of resources to work on a project. However, it's wise for buyers to consider some of the pros and cons before committing to work. Here are 5 that you'll want to think about before signing a contract.

Pro: Installation of Utilities

The modular approach makes it easier for the team building a home to get all of the utilities in place. On a traditional construction project, you'll usually have to wait for different contractors to run lines for electric, water, sewage, HVAC, and internet before you can move forward. Most custom modular homes are constructed in factory floor settings where all of the utilities can go into a module at once. This can dramatically reduce the challenges of getting a house plumbed and wired.

Con: Modular Customization Does Have Limits

You won't be building your house in an extremely customized manner. The individual modules are highly customizable, and they do come in many models. However, you may be limited in your ability to tailor the footprint of a house to a site. That's usually not a big deal, but it can be a problem if you have to accommodate difficult engineering challenges. If you're committed to using a modular system, you may have to first address the engineering concerns at the site to fit how the modules will go in.

Pro: Teamwork

Custom modular home builders have fully integrated teams. This means you won't have to wait for one contractor to get in touch with you while you relay their concerns to the architect. Everyone involved in the design process is on hand to address any problems as they emerge. If there are questions about how to implement a specific idea, you can rest assured the team will sort things out rapidly. Problems that might take weeks or months to iron out in a traditional build will be resolved in hours or days.

Con: Transportation

Each module has to find its way to your build site. That means there will be transportation issues. Many states limit when modules can ship and which highways they can go on. However, folks in the industry know the ins and outs of getting modules out to locations.

Pro: Controlled Conditions

Weather is a common problem on traditional builds. Thanks to the manufacturing process, this isn't an issue with custom modular homes. Even on the transportation end of things, you will rarely see significant delays caused by weather as long as your working during the normal building season.