PVC Or Wood Fence: 4 Questions To Ask Yourself

Two of the most common fencing materials for backyard fences are PVC and wood. It can be hard, however, to decide which one is the better option for you. The best way to arrive at the right answer is to ask yourself a few questions. Those questions are as follows:

Are you worried about a dog chewing the fence?

One of the common issues with wood fencing is that dogs tend to chew it. If you don't have a dog or your dog does not chew, then obviously this is not a concern. However, if your dog is a notorious chewer — or if you don't yet have your dog and are unsure of what habits it might have — then you might be better off with vinyl. Most dogs won't chew it, and if your dog does attempt to chew it, then the vinyl won't splinter and break apart.

Do you mind doing some maintenance?

Picture yourself painting or staining a fence in the summer. Is this something you are willing to do every few years? How about spraying for carpenter ants and termites? If all of this maintenance sounds like too much, then vinyl is probably the better fence material choice for you. Vinyl does not require any maintenance at all, other than the occasional spray with a hose to remove dirt. Wood needs to be stained or painted, and also treated for insects.

What is your budget?

Decide how much money you can spend on a fence, and then get some quotes for both wood and vinyl fences. Vinyl fences tend to be quite a bit more expensive. Wood is cheaper, although you will not want to go with the absolute cheapest wood, like pine, as it wears out quickly. Cedar and cypress fencing is more affordable than vinyl and quite durable.

How long do you plan on staying in your home?

Vinyl is longer-lasting than wood. If you plan on staying in your home for many more years, investing in vinyl will likely mean you never have to replace the fence again. On the other hand, if you plan to move soon, then a wood fence will get you through for less. 

Both wood and vinyl fences can be beautiful and practical. If you have any lingering quandaries about these fencing materials, then reach out to a fencing contractor near you. They can show you PVC fence and other samples as well as give you quotes.