How To Clean Your Furnace Filter

Furnace filters can be expensive and need to be replaced on a regular basis in order to make sure that the air that is going through your house is as clean and unhindered as possible, with all of the dirt and dust removed. As a result, you may have decided to purchase a filter that is reusable and can be cleaned, rather than requiring a replacement. Here are some steps that you should follow in order to clean your furnace filter.

1. Remove the Door

The first step to cleaning your reusable furnace filter is to find it. The filter is going to be near the blower, usually behind the blower door. Use a screwdriver to remove the door from the blower in order to make sure that you have enough room to remove the filter without having to bend or break it.

2. Pull Out the Filter

Look into the hole that used to be covered by the blower door and see if you can spot a wooden or metal frame. This edge of a frame is the edge of your filter. Put on a pair of gloves in order to keep your hands clean and pull the filter straight out of the furnace. You want to make sure that you pull it straight out in order to avoid warping the filter, which could make it hard to put back when you are done cleaning it.

3. Use Your Vacuum

Take the filter outside and put it on the ground, or lay down newspapers before putting the filter down inside your home. Then, take a normal vacuum cleaner hose extension and start sucking up all of the largest pieces of dust and dirt. Once you are done with one side, turn over the filter and vacuum up the other side's dust. 

4. Hose Down the Filter

Finally, hose the filter down while it is outside, making sure that you get both sides of the filter. This forces all of the smaller particles off of the furnace without being trapped by any larger particles. Allow the filter to air dry. Once it is totally dry, replace it in your furnace by looking at the frame and finding the arrows that tell you in which direction the filter goes. Screw the blower door closed and your job is done.

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