How Portable Welding Would Be Essential Following A Major Disaster

Even though the activities associated with prepping for a major disaster has been concentrated in the United States, there are more and more people from Canada and Australia who are becoming concerned about their ability to be self-sufficient in the event of a widespread emergency or disaster. While it seems to be agreed that the most immediate needs in such an event would be food, water, shelter and a way to stay warm, long-term survival might require a method of repairing and keeping your survival equipment serviceable.

Since a large number of these types of equipment, from weapons to food storage and even bunkers, use some form of metal, a portable welder could be very important to have. So let's pause for a moment and imagine that one of the 142 scenarios of TEOTWAWKI (the end of the world as we know it) could occur and how a portable welder could come in handy.

Variety and Efficiency

There are a number of portable welders to choose from and depending on what you are preparing for, there is a welder that might suit your needs. An electrical powered welder can cost anywhere between $300 to just over $1200 depending on the brand and the type of welding that you would be using it for. This might be especially handy if you were already off the official grid and were using solar or wind powered electricity.

There are other sources of powering a portable welder that could be better for your situation, such as a DC battery-powered welder system which can cost about $135 to $150. For this the concern would be a ready supply of the required battery to power it. Other features to consider would be the use of a shielding gas welder such as that used in Metal Inert Gas (MIG) or the welder that can convert water or air into flame.

Health Equals Preparedness

The motto of some persons who are preparing for a large scale disastrous event is that 'health equals preparedness' and maybe nothing says 'prepared' quite as much as the ability to maintain, repair or even make your own tools in the event that they will not be available for purchase. Food storage units, guns, knives and containers are often made of metal since metal has a lifespan of more than a century. They are therefore reparable and can be recycled and reused.

It is probably not possible to buy all the ready-made metal equipment that would be needed for survival, so learning how to shape and fashion the metals that you do have would be a useful skill to have, and a portable welder could be essential to being able to put that skill to practice. Speak to a company like Big Blue Portable Welding (1985) Ltd to learn more about portable welding.