Important Reasons For Homeowners To Choose Professional Stump Removal

Are you planning to redesign your yard's landscaping this spring? Have you decided that the big tree in the front of your home must go? Here are some reasons for you to leave the tree and stump removal processes to an expert:

Felling trees can be dangerous: Many people are tempted to try removing their own trees. However, this can be a potentially costly or even deadly mistake. You probably already know how heavy some pieces of lumber can be when bought from the store. A tree limb of similar length and thickness could be even heavier, simply due to the addition of leaves and bark. Without professional knowledge of exactly how to cut a heavy piece of timber, this limb or trunk could fall in a totally unexpected direction. This could end up damaging your home or your car or even injuring and killing you or anyone helping you. A professional will know exactly where to cut a tree and how to secure it in order to prevent personal injury or damage to property.

Stump removal can be tedious: You may think that paying for stump removal is a waste of money. But what you may not realize is that a stump can take many years to decay, depending on environmental conditions. Do you really want an ugly stump in the middle of your yard for the next five or possibly ten years? If you decide to attempt stump removal yourself, you'll have to dig all around the stump and sever the roots so that the stump can be pulled out of the hole. Depending on the tree's original size, the process could take you over a week if you're doing it by hand. You'll then have to figure out what to do with the leftover stump. If you pay for stump removal instead, the process could be over in a matter of hours. A tree and stump removal company will have the heavy digging equipment necessary to dig around and expose the remaining stump. They'll also be able to use this heavy equipment to pull the stump free, greatly reducing the time spent on the process. 

If you're having your tree removed, try to decide beforehand whether you want to have the stump removed or not. The cost for stump removal is often much less when carried out in conjunction with a tree removal. If the company has to come out again in the future, they will have to charge you again for bringing the equipment to your home.